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Alliance World Fellowship | 28 March, 2017

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Church in Jordan helps Refugees

Church in Jordan helps Refugees

“Today we had a special day for children of Syrian refugees”, writes Alliance pastor Nour from the Jordanian border town Mafraq. Approximately 180 children sang Christian songs, heard a Bible story and the gospel was preached. Volunteers handed out 350 meals to the children and their parents. Although the Alliance Church coordinates the project, other denominations participate as well. Every week volunteers visit approximately 60 Syrian families to listen and share God’s love with them. Pastor Nour adds: “I am encouraged and blessed by the support we receive from sister Churches through the AWF.” Many Syrians continue to flee their country. The Alliance Church in the border town Mafraq helps refugees with mattresses, blankets, food and other necessities. Donations for this project are welcome! For bank-account details click here and mention “Refugees ME”
Please pray for this project and don’t forget those who remain in Syria.