September 25, 2017 - September 29, 2017
CLA Assembly & Missions Conference III


We would like to inform you that the CLA Board of Directors has decided to host the CLAAssembly and 3rd Annual Missions Conference God-willing in the city of Temuco, Chile, a one of a kind, beautiful region of Chile. The Assembly and Conference will be held from the 25th to the 29thof September, 2017. The Conference will be the from the 27th to the 29th and will begin with a dinner at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday and will finish at 7:30p.m. on Friday, September 29th. The theme will be “One Church, One Mission” and the keynote speaker will be Dr. Luis Bush, founder of the COMIBAM International and the movement AD2000, author of “The 10/40 Window” and a man involved in various different global church growth initiatives.


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Luis Bush, founder of COMIBAM and the movement AD2000; author of “La Ventana 10/40”; involved in various global church growth initiatives. 


–        Only Missions Conference (Sept 27-29): $100.00 USD

–        CLA Sessions and Missions Conference (Sept 25 – 29): $150.00 USD

Both prices include meals (lunch and dinner) and materials, but not lodging.

–        Optional Tour: Saturday, September 30: $60.00 USD (additional)

October 17, 2017 - October 18, 2017
Vietnam (North) C.&M.A. – General Council 2017

October 19, 2017 - October 22, 2017
EMERALD Regional Conference


EMERALD: Europe/Middle-East Region of the Alliance World Fellowship


“Beyond Ourselves”

Keynote Speaker: AWF President, Dr. Jura Yanagihara



Conference Fee: 

  • 200 Euro for use of double room  OR  225 Euro if you want your own room.

Conference Fee includes meals, room, coffee/tea and the city tour. This does not cover transport to Madrid.

We are glad that we can keep the price really low. But have you have a problem with the price, then please contact Arie to see if a subsidy can be found (


Conference Host & Contact Person: Eliseo Galvez,

October 24, 2017 - October 27, 2017
APAC Regional Committee Meeting

November 11, 2017 - November 12, 2017
AWF India Consultation

November 13, 2017 - November 14, 2017
Missions Leaders Meeting

November 15, 2017 - November 16, 2017
AWF Executive Committee Meeting

November 18, 2017 - November 23, 2017
8th APAW Conference

 (Asia-Pacific Alliance Women)

July 1, 2018 - July 31, 2018
UMA Regional Conference

August 6, 2018 - August 12, 2018
AWF Africa Regional Conference

October 16, 2018 - October 19, 2018
APAC Regional Conference