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Alliance World Fellowship | 28 March, 2017

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Fading Light in Syria

The effects of the war in Syria are hard to imagine, but the pictures published by #WithSyria may help understand how darkness has been closing in on this country. “Satellite images show that 83% of the lights in Syria have gone out since March 2011. Years of brutal conflict have plunged Syria’s people into the dark.”

The situation in Damascus is relatively well, but ponder the following data:

– 83% of lights are out across Syria since March 2011

– 97% of lights out in Aleppo

– 96% of lights out in Raqqa

– over 200,000 people killed since 2011

– 10 million people have fled their homes

– 3 million school-aged Syrian children no longer in school


#WithSyria, who published these pictures on the Internet, presents itself as a movement of over 130 organizations and people around the world not taking sides, but standing in solidarity with those caught in conflict. As followers of Jesus we share this concern. It is obvious that we are concerned as well about the spiritual aspect. Many Christ-followers have left Syria, as light is fading away. Without judging anyone who left, it is important to realize that there are also those who stay. 16 Alliance Churches do what they can to keep the light burning.

It reminds us of the period of Eli as described in the first book of Samuel. Those were dark times as well, but it is said: “The light of God has not yet gone out”. We refuse to believe that God would have given up on Syrians, with Him even the little flame can turn into a bright shining light. Let’s “fan the light” with prayer and support!

The pictures are taken from the website of French newspaper Le Figaro

Website #WithSyria