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Alliance World Fellowship | 28 March, 2017

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Three Syrian Christians Killed by ISIS

Three Syrian Christians Killed by ISIS

Today it was confirmed that on September 23, ISIS executed three Syrian Christians. Among them was Dr. Abdulmasih, who was abducted in April.

SnapNDrag_1533A video published by Islamic State shows that they were shot in the head. There is no news about Dr. Abdulmasih’s mother who was also taken hostage by IS. Dr. Abdulmasih was not married.

The president of the Alliance Church in Syria, Pastor Edward Awabdeh, describes Abdulmasih as “a great man of God, who took a risk by staying in his village, Tal Jazira in the North-East, to take care of his people and to encourage them in the Lord.” A Bible-study group met in his house.

Pastor Awabdeh adds: “Although it is very difficult and painful for us to see him brutally killed by this barbaric and evil group, yet we are comforted and proud, knowing that these martyrs have entered into glory. The glorious Son of man has ushered them into His presence. They are face to face with their Savior, whom they loved and adored, more alive and joyful than ever before!”.

On behalf of the Global Alliance Family, AWF-President Arie Verduijn has expressed condolences to the Church in Syria. We have been asking you to pray especially for two abducted medical doctors. Keep on praying for the other brother whose whereabouts are unknown to us. May he and others experience God’s presence in a way that surpasses understanding.
“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Mat.5:10