One of the founders of C&MA Angola has a Paul-like testimony of radical transformation, from killing to saving, leaving a legacy that our AWF President testifies to on his most recent visit.
AWF is pleased to announce that Daniel Fanderwud has been appointed as the new Alliance President of Argentina.
After 6 years of learning the culture, scouting out locations, preaching at local churches and planting seeds, the Daleva family celebrated their first public church service in Portugal this year.
Dreams become reality for many with the grand opening of the A.B. Simpson Missions Training Center in Armenia, Colombia.
This year FATELA received “University” status by the state of Florida and has begun its process of accreditation
Preaching Christ in the midst of red hot irons; that is what Héctor Peñafiel, an Ecuadorian evangelical pastor, master welder, husband and father of five children, and resident of Tione di Trento, a region of Trentino’Alto Adigio, does daily by his example.
The persecution of religious minorities is severe in Myanmar, yet we see God at work through the dedication of our Alliance brothers and sisters to spread the Good News.
The Alliance church in Italy emerges as a new force for the Gospel with the support and encouragement of Alliance churches from all over the world.
My name is Igor K. I immigrated to Israel 22 years ago from Russia. I have been using drugs for 18 years... and I have a son whom I had not seen for about seven years.
To better minister to the Vietnamese living in Thailand, the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN) and Thailand C&MA have formed a new alliance.
More than 3,000 Alliance members gathered in Columbus, Ohio to celebrate and be challenged by what God is doing through the C&MA Church in the USA and throughout the world.
The Confraternidad Latinoamericana Aliancista (CLA) met in Ecuador in March to develop the new regional four-year action plan.